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What to do today?? Amusement parks and shopping are fun, but there are so many other activities to plan with your children. Some cost money and some don't! Be creative, consider what your children like to do, what is appropriate for their age, and whether you will enjoy participating with them as well! If you have ideas to submit, feel free to email them to me at . But here is my list of ideas. Only you can decide what is right for you and your children (no responsiblity assumed by me for your choices):

READ to and with your children. Even now that my daughter is reading, she still likes me to read a chapter or so to her. Then, she continues on reading herself and I read next my own book next to her! We both read our book and we enjoy being together as well!!

Go: to the park, beach, ice rink, bowling, neighborhood basketball or tennis courts, library, museums (most have monthly "free" days where you can go for free), outdoor concerts.....

Create: Bake, cook, garden, draw, paint pictures, sculpt (playdough or sculpy), build a cardboard castle, a hopscotch grid with chalk, sew a simple pillow (give it a shape like a heart, star, doll, dog, etc.), crochet, knit, build a house of cards or a gingerbread house...

Play: cards, music and dance, board games, chess or checkers, instruments, charades, I Spy, hula hoops, jump rope, sports....

Take a parent and me class -- many offerings are all over at art studios, dance studios, theatre for children, etc.

The internet is a great resource for finding things to do in your area. In your browser type words relating to activities for children (with your city or area to narrow your geographical search), such as free concerts, shows, music, art, dance classes, youth sports, etc.


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